Facebook Lead Options

LeadBank: Order online here: leadbankdirect.com

      • Final Expense: $20
      • Hiring Leads: $17
    • The only Facebook vendor that you can lock out counties similar to direct mail.

Mail Pro Facebook

$14 a lead with a minimum of 20 leads per order placed. You will receive e-mail with a Google spreadsheet where your leads will populate in real-time. Mailpro is one of our preferred vendors for Direct Mail and now creates incredible quality Final Expense Facebook leads.

Time Frame: Takes 2-5 days for the entire order to be filled.

Head over to: www.prodigitalleads.com

Create a new account and it will walk you through the order process. In the notes section, be sure to tell them to do no more than a25 mile radius.

Social Insurance Leads now has TWO TYPES of Final Expense leads for FFL. Pro & Elite FEX. Watch this quick video below to learn more.


FFL has exclusive discount codes:

      • FFL4PRO = $4 off Pro FEX
      • FFL4ELITE = $4 off Elite FEX
      • FFL4SPA = $4 off Spanish FEX
      • FFL10OFF = 10% off everything else


To order; go to your CRM

1.Click on Leads

2. Click Purchase Lead

3. Click the dot next to Secure Agent Mentor

4. Click on the green arrow and it will take you to the Secure Agent Lead Order Form.

Here you have the option of FEX, Premium FEX, Spanish FEX Leads, Mortgage Leads & Recruiting Leads.

**NOTE: these leads will be emailed to you in a google sheet. They normally take 24-48 hours to process. Minimum order of 20 leads. All prices are written out for you on the order form. There are no lead credits

CRM Leads

Reach out to Sasha at leads@familyfirstlife.com if you have any questions


    1. Please call Andrew Lawrence, our account executive, at 781-858-9750 — Tell her your VP’s name and you’d like to order leads. They will train you on working the leads and get you started! 
    2. The agreement with FFL is an ongoing discount of 33% all lead typesand an initial match of $500 to maximize your profitability. Due to thehigh discount being offered, there are NO lead returns. 

      – Each Lead has all this information: •First Name •Last Name •Phone

      Number •Email •Full Address (*no PO boxes) •DOB/•Age •Gender •Current

      insurer if any •Looking for what type of insurance? •Requested amount

      • Requested insurance duration •Height •Weight (We also calculate •BMI)
      • Highest level of education •Marital status •Own or rent their home
      • Occupation •Major health conditions yes or no? •Tobacco user? •DUI


 Everquote Training: 


MailPro & BPL Mailers

  • LeadCo Mailers
    1. Call Cheryl Davis at 918-712-2013 or email her at cheryl@leadcoleads.com
    2. Mortgage Direct Mail & Final Expense Leads Available
  • Lead Concepts
    1. Call Clay Davenport at 800-283-0187 or email him at clay@leadconcepts.com
    2. Mortgage Direct Mail & Final Expense Leads Available
  • Retro ARM Leads
    1. Please reach out to Alexa at alexa.awe@armleads.com
    2. These leads are $430 per thousand pieces mailed and they mail out mortgage that were closed over a year ago.  They are all NEW leads.
    3. Refer to the Mailpro Cheat Sheet at MailPro & BPL Mailers section.